Can you add sleeves to your wedding dress?

Can you add sleeves to your wedding dress?

Even though you have a wardrobe full of dresses the wedding dress is always special for anyone and that going to carry your wedding memories for the rest of their life. In this case, spending some money on a wedding dress is worthier. While buying the wedding dress you should look into the price you should consider the design and color of the wedding dress. Most wedding gowns come without sleeves but if you want, you can add sleeves to a wedding dress. But it requires enough knowledge to attach the wedding dress sleeves.

How to attach wedding dress sleeves?

Generally, there are two kinds of wedding dress one is pre-stitched and another is designed by your stylist based on your demands. Both of this wedding dress never comes the same because in the pre-stitched wedding dresses you may need to put extra stitches to make them fit. But when it was designed by your stylist is going to perfectly fit your size. In this case, when you are designing your wedding dress with the help of a stylist they ask your demands and do you need sleeves or not, so based on your wish you can have them.

The pre-stitched wedding dresses are different, those wedding dress with sleeves if you want then you can make them attach to the dress, if not just throw it off. But if you were thinking about attaching the sleeves there comes work because it is your wedding dress so it should look perfect even after attaching the sleeves. Remember not all tailors can do it perfectly, sometimes there comes a need to remove some stitches and attach the sleeves, in this case, only an experienced stylist or fashion designer only can do it for you.

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Expert advice

Before attaching the sleeves to your wedding dress you can consult the wedding bridal consultant, whether to attach them or not. Because they going to help you in looking perfect on your day. So they have planned everything for you, in that case, your dress should not look opposite to your makeup or with accessories. The long sleeve wedding dresses always complement the bride and it looks amazing with the designer veils, but still before having it getting expert advice on the wedding sleeve attachment is better.

Final thoughts

Whether to add sleeves to the wedding dress is your choice but sometimes it the bride look more beautiful, so before having it you can ask suggestion from the experts.