Five things the girl should have on her wedding

Five things the girl should have on her wedding

Girls usually have certain dreams about their marriage from the teenage it is very common. But most of them get failed in achieving it at their wedding. The main reason for this is no proper planning; you have to plan all the things that you want at your wedding so that nothing will get a miss.

There are few things a bride needs to have without fail. Bride you have to get to know about it to have it with you when you are to get married. In case, if you don’t even have an idea about it here those few things are mentioned look for it and get to know about it.

Wedding dress

Than anything, it is your wedding ceremony so your wedding dress going to plays a very vital role; in this case, give priority to your wedding costumes. When you are getting ready for the outdoor wedding then pack your wedding dress with so much of care because the wrong folding of the wedding dress either damages it or forms the wrinkles on it, so it may give ugly look at your wedding costume.

Wedding dress hangers

Do you think you going to have one dress at your wedding? Probably not, at least for the photoshoot, you have to change your wedding clothes; in this case, you have to provide enough attention to maintaining it. But you cannot take it in your hands, so it is better to buy a few wooden costume hangers which can help you in protecting your dresses from wrinkles or from getting damaged.

Wedding emergency kit

No one can assure you that no problems will be got arise during your wedding especially in your costume or makeup. In this case, to avoid the stress you can prepare your wedding emergency kit with all the essential things to fix the problems like stain remover, to fix runny makeup or lost earnings, and others. When you have them in your hands you can handle them.

wedding dress


The veil that has a special place during the wedding ceremony so don’t miss them take it with you. But you can pick the designer veil based on your wish.


During your wedding you will be surrounded by the people, so you can celebrate your big moment by sharing a glass of champagne. Generally, bridal parties will never get fulfilled without champagne.

Final verdicts

There are certain things to do great wedding day and those few things are shared above, so get to know of it via this article.